Hamilton Beach 29885 Artisan Dough Breadmaker


The Hamilton Beach 29885 is an affordable bread baking machine, equipped with a kneading tray and a non-stick tray. It offers 14 pre-programmed menu options for the preparation of bread, dough, pie or jam. Probably the most interesting program is the manual dough option, where the dough is kneaded and leavened for about five hours.

Control panel

The Hamilton Beach 29885 is a cheap bakery, so the control panel has nothing special and striking. It has a normal LCD display and buttons to select the menu program, choose the size, choose the crust color, set the delay time and start the bread preparation process.

Hamilton Beach Bakery 29885 seems to have a delay of 15 hours. However, it is only available for the following menu programs: Basic, French, complete and sweet. The timer function cannot be used with bread recipes that contain perishable ingredients such as cheese, cream, milk or eggs.

At the end of the baking cycle, the baker enters a hot cycle. He keeps the bread warm for an hour. However, it is recommended to press and hold the STOP button until you hear a beep to cancel the heat maintenance cycle.

Remove the bread from the pan and leave to cool for at least 30 minutes before removing the kneading spoon with a hook and cutting the bread into pieces. A loaf of bread can become slightly moist or the crust can become too dark if it remains in the pan for the whole 60 minutes.

When using a cooker, there are always problems interrupting the power supply. The Hamilton Beach 29885 will automatically resume bread making if power is restored within 7 minutes. However, if the dough begins to grow when performance begins to deteriorate, you must forfeit the test.

The control panel is quite simple, but understandable.

The control panel is quite simple, but understandable.


1. Base (based on bread flour) 1. French (soft bread with fine flour)
3. French (soft bread with fine flour)
3. Gluten-free (gluten-free recipes or mixtures).
4. Wholegrain bread (heavy bread made from wholemeal or rye flour). 1.5 LB Express (make a 680 g bread in 80 minutes)
6. 2,0 LB Express (907 gr. loaves of bread cooked in 115 minutes)
7. Dough (preparation of yeast dough for pizzas or sandwiches) 8. Fast (bread recipes with powder or soft drinks)
9. 1. Confectionery (bread with additional ingredients such as fruit, nuts, cheese, etc.). Cakes (kneading, rising and baking a cake recipe)
11. Jam (main jam made with fresh fruit)
12. 1. Rice (for rising bread dough on recipe or frozen dough for up to 6 hours)
13. Drive! Drive! Drive! Baking (use for baking the dough produced by the Rise program)
14. Homemade pasta (provides long buoyancy for better texture and taste).

Pulp program for craftsmen

You put all the ingredients of the homemade dough recipe in the right order (water, salt, flour, yeast) in a pot. Select the Backup Dough menu item and press the Start button. The bread machine now mixes the dough, kneads it, lets it rest and lets it rise for five hours!

At the end of the programme, take the dough out of the bread pan and place it on a light red base. Form a ball and let it rise for another 60 to 90 minutes or until it’s doubled. Preheat the kitchen stove up to 400°F. Place the dough on a baking tray, make a few cuts and sprinkle with water. The oven stays in the oven for about 30 minutes.

The Hamilton Beach 29885 User’s Guide has only one recipe for Rosemary Garlic Broth Paste.

Hamilton Beach 29885 bakes bread, dough and even jam.

Hamilton Beach 29885 bakes bread, dough and even jam.

Addition of ingredients

Most bakery machines, with the exception of those equipped with yeast dispensers, use the same order of adding ingredients to the bread pan. First add liquid ingredients such as water. Then add the dry ingredients such as sugar, salt and bread flour. The last ingredient is yeast, which is placed in a fine lump on the bread flour. The yeast must not come into contact with liquid or salt. These ingredients are mixed with a kneading shovel after switching on the cooker.

Model Hamilton Beach 29885 does not have a raisin vending machine. You will need to add these extra ingredients manually when you hear the sound of the breadmaker about 12 times. This happens about 30 minutes after you start using Sweet. Open the lid and pour in raisins, cranberries or nuts. Close the lid.

Disposal of bread

At the end of the cooking cycle, the cooker emits ten beeps. Then it goes into a hot cycle for an hour. It beeps ten times when the heat maintenance cycle is complete. Press and hold the STOP button to cancel the heating maintenance cycle and before disconnecting the oven from the power supply.

You should use a pair of gloves to open the lid and grasp the handle of the bread pans, because the baking chamber will be hot. Lift the bread tray with the handle and carefully turn it counterclockwise to remove it from the baking chamber.

Turn the bread pan over and shake a loaf of bread on a wire hanger. Leave to cool for 10 minutes before using the supplied dough shovel hook to remove the dough shovel from the bottom of a loaf of bread. Baking with an oar at the bottom of a loaf of bread is one of the biggest disadvantages of an automatic bakery.

The maximum size of a loaf of bread is 2 pounds.

The maximum size of a loaf of bread is 2 pounds.

Hamilton Beach 29885 vs. 29882

There are some small cosmetic differences between these two automatic bakeries. The Hamilton Beach Model 29885 has a stainless steel body and Model 29882 is made of black plastic. The control panels are also different, but both have a viewing window in the lid.

Hamilton Beach 29885 offers two additional menu programs: Artisanal preparation and fermentation of the dough. The other programs have remained the same, although the order of the songs has changed.

Model 29885 supports three bread sizes: 1 lb, 1.5 lb and 2 lb. Model 29882 supports only two bread sizes.

The model 29885 also has a time delay of 15 hours, compared to 13 hours for the model 29882.

What model bakery would we buy? The Hamilton Beach 29885 is slightly more expensive than the previous model, but still costs less than $100 (see prices on Amazon.com). If you do not want to use the Artisan Dough of Rise programs, you can buy the Hamilton Beach 29882 (see message), as this is one of the cheapest cookers on the market.



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