Hamilton Beach Homeback 29882 Bread Maker Review


Hamilton Beach Homebaker 29882 – cheap bakery. It is a good choice for beginners and economic customers.


This Hamilton Beach bakery is equipped with a black plastic case, plastic knobs, non-stick pans and 12 programmed cycles. We offer you an overview of its features, advantages and disadvantages.

Hamilton Beach Housewife 29882: Characteristics

  • For specific program cycles, a drum size adjustment of 1.5 or 2 pounds is available.
  • 12 programmed cycles.
  • Power failure protection of 5 minutes.
  • Control panel with keys and display.
  • Waiting time (up to 13 hours).
  • Heat retention function.
  • The crust colour adjustment is available for the first seven cycles.
  • Non-stick bread pan.
  • Removable kneading trough (plus a spare kneading trough).
  • Power button.
  • Viewing window in the lid.


Pattern arc

This bakery comes with a mixing paddle for use and a spare mixing paddle for safe storage. This means that you already have a spare kneading bowl in case something happens to the first one. It’s good to have an extra paddle for emergencies.

Non-stick Bread pan

The bread pan has a non-stick coating to prevent the bread from sticking to it. Easy to clean, but not to scratch. The bread pan is wider than deep. It produces a tall rectangular loaf of bread that looks like bread from a baking machine. You place the bread pan in the bakery by turning it clockwise and locking it. Unlock and remove the jar by turning it counterclockwise.

Buttons for bakers

The cycle key is used to select one of the programmed cycles. Here are the possible options:

1. Base
2. English
3. Gluten free
4. Quick
5. Six soft. One and a half pounds. Express7. £2.0. Express8. Paste 9. Jam10. Cake 11. Whole grains 12. Cooking

Press the Crust Color button to select a light, medium or dark crust color. It is not available for cycles 8 to 12, so it cannot be used for baking, pastry or wholemeal cycles. Clearly you don’t need a nice crust on the dough or the jam cycle.

The Button Tray comes in only 2 sizes: 1.5 pounds or 2 pounds. The size cannot be changed in subsequent cycles: Fast, 1.5 pound express, 2 pound express, dough, jam, cake and pastry.

The timer delays the start of the cooking program. You cannot use it in combination with express or jambak cycles. Don’t forget to use a recipe that contains milk products or other ingredients that can go badly if they stay in the bread pan for a few hours.

The small display shows the cycle number, the time remaining in the cycle and small black triangles under the crust and the corresponding bread size.

Press the start/stop button once to start the bakery after selecting the cycle, crust colour and bread size. It will pass once, the time will blink on the screen, and then it will continue to do what it is instructed to do. If you make a selection error, press the Start/Stop button for at least 2 seconds to cancel the current cycle.

What is that sound?

The 10 beeps you hear after the second kneading cycle remind you to add extra ingredients such as fruit or nuts if the recipe asks for them. The bread machine does not have a fruit and nut dispenser.

The baker beeps 10 more times and switches to warm-up mode at the end of the baking cycle (up to 1 hour). Press the power button once to cancel the heat preservation cycle and stop the machine.


  • The bakery is easy to clean and the spatula and pan do not need to be washed in the dishwasher.
  • It has a special cycle for gluten-free bread.
  • It is a cheap access to the world of bread production.
  • You can use the dough cycle to prepare the pizza dough.

Impairment losses

  • Because it is a cheap baker, the design is not of the highest quality.
  • It produces vertical and rectangular bread bars, not long horizontal bread bars.
  • The machine is high and deep and absorbs counter space.
  • The viewing window may be blurred during climbing and descending cycles until you look through it.
  • There is no beep to remind you to remove the blade before the start of the firing cycle.



The Hamilton Beach Homebaker looks like a good breadmaker costing less than $100. Most owners seem satisfied with the execution and appreciate the bread they bake. It is not a complicated machine to mould and use.

Underline: Hamilton Beach 29882 is not the best bakery in the world and the quality is not excellent. But the Hamilton Beach breadmaker is not suitable for this. It’s all about being an affordable, standard baker who makes bread without getting a price (see prices and reviews on Amazon.com).

P.S. You can also take a look at the Hamilton Beach 29885 baking machine. It has 14 menu programs that contain the Creative Paste parameter (click here to read the overview).



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