Oster 5838 Review of Expressbake Bread Maker


Oyster 5838 With the Express Baker setting, the Express Baker can bake a sandwich in just 58 minutes.


The Oster 5838 is an affordable cooker with no new features such as folding knives or gluten-free programs, but has been on the market for many years and has established itself as an affordable and sustainable cooking partner. Take a look at its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

Oyster 5838: Characteristics

  • 13-hour timer for cooking.
  • Heat hold function for 60 minutes.
  • 8 menu options for bread and dough preparation.
  • An aluminium bread pan with a non-stick coating.
  • Built to North American electrical standards.
  • Glass viewing window.
  • Prepare recipes for 1.5 to 2 pounds of bread or dough (button without the bread size!).
  • Three different crust colours: light, medium or dark.
  • A user manual with recipes is included.

Control panel

The basic process of baking Oyster Bread 5838 starts with pouring the liquid ingredients into a removable pan. Then add the dry ingredients and put the yeast on top. You can now click on the baking tray in the bakery and start selecting the parameters by pressing the buttons on the control panel.

The control panel consists of three parts: On the left side there are programs with a selection button. In the central part there is a crusted bud. On the right hand side are the display screen, timer setting buttons and start/stop buttons.

No buttons the size of a loaf of bread. The Oster 5838 is designed to make 2 kg of bread, but you can also make 1.5 kg of bread or dough recipes.

You can choose one of these eight programs for the production of bread or dough:

  • Basic (can make most bread recipes)
  • French (longer kneading, lifting and baking cycles with a total time of 3:50)
  • Sweet (bread recipes with a high sugar, fat or protein content)
  • ExpressBak 58 minutes (thicker texture)
  • ExpressBake 80 minutes (lighter texture and higher stick)
  • Whole wheat (longer harvesting cycle, total duration 3:40)
  • Dough (preparation of dough recipes for bread, pasta or pizza)
  • Cooking (total duration of 60 minutes)

The control panel does not have a button for the size of the drum.

The control panel does not have a button for the size of the drum.

Test verification

It’s a good idea to check the dough after mixing. You can add a teaspoon of water if the dough is too dry, or a teaspoon of flour if it is too wet. Use a rubber shovel to ensure that no flower gets stuck in the corners. If you’re using a timer and you’re not around, don’t worry too much. The bread will be pretty well made.

Automatic heat storage

An automatic heat preservation cycle of one hour seems to be a superfluous addition, as it can be used to bake bread. Try to remove the bread as soon as possible after completion of the baking program. Allow the bread to cool on the cold rack before slicing.


  • The aluminium bread pan with non-stick coating is easy to clean after baking.
  • Use the program selection and recipes to prepare a variety of sandwiches and dough.
  • With the Expressbake settings you can quickly bake a loaf of bread if you’re not afraid to sacrifice quality for speed.

Impairment losses

  • The black crust can be too dark and crispy.
  • The kneading shovel leaves a hole in the bottom of the bread.
  • It can be noisy and full of vibrations when shaken.
  • The shape of the bread pan results in a tall, rectangular loaf.
  • No button to select the size of the bread.


This Oster Bread Baking Machine seems easy to use and quite reliable, even though it is not the best bread baking machine in the world. Looks like a good, cheap, simple baker. Just make sure it did not accidentally fall off the counter while kneading the heavy dough!

Oster 5838 Expressbake bakery is still for sale on Amazon.com. However, it is an old baker who is very hard to find.



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