Panasonic Bread Maker Review SD-YD250

The Panasonic SD-YD250 bread baking machine is in the mid-range in terms of price and quality. This advantageous balance between price and quality makes it a popular product, one of the best-selling bread bakers.


The Panasonic SD-YD250 can bake three sizes of bread in a very large 2.5 pound loaf.

A unique feature of the SD-YD250 is the automatic yeast dispenser, which automatically drops the yeast into the bread pan.

Again, the Panasonic SD-YR2500 is equipped with an automatic yeast and rose dispenser. For more information see our overview of the SD-YR2500.

Panasonic SD-YD250: Characteristics

  • One year limited warranty on materials and workmanship under normal use.
  • A 13-hour timer to delay the start of bread making.
  • The 60-minute warm-up function is available as an option for cooking.
  • The accessories consist of a hand, a measuring spoon and a liquid measuring cup.
  • Automatic yeast dispenser in the lid.
  • An acoustic reminder to add raisins.
  • The size of a loaf of bread is medium, large or very large (1.5, 2 or 2.5 pounds).
  • Choose from 6 types of bread and 6 baking options.
  • Control panel with LCD display and various keys.
  • The following crust colours are available: dark, medium or light.
  • The dimensions are about 14 inches high, 13 inches wide and 9 inches deep.
  • A motor protection that stops the motor for 30 minutes in case of overload.
  • Bread tray with non-stick coating that can be turned and locked.
  • Protection against power failure for up to 10 minutes.
  • 120V AC 60Hz power supply for the North American market.
  • Resting cycle to warm up the ingredients before mixing.
  • A plasticine knife.

Control panel

The display window shows the selected options and the timer. Use the menu button to select the type of bread and the selection button to choose the baking option. With the Size button you can change the size of the bread for baking, fast food and the preparation of raisins.

The Timer button allows you to set the timer in 10-minute increments. It also sets the time in one-minute increments only for the rear option. Press the button continuously to quickly increase or decrease the time.

The red light is on while the bakery is running. Flashes at the end of a baking or dough program.

The on/off button is used to start the oven or delay time. It can also stop the bread making or cancel the timer setting if you press and hold the bread for at least one second.

Bread types and baking possibilities

Press the menu button to select the type of bread. Here are the possible options:

  • Base: It is switched on by default and is intended for bakery products made from bread flour.
  • Wholemeal. A wholemeal bread.
  • Multigrain: bread made from cereals or cereals such as rye or millet.
  • French: a bread baked without sugar.
  • Pizza: a program to mix the dough quickly without baking.
  • Just baking: no kneading or lifting, just baking for things like pies.

The selection button gives you the following cooking options:

  • The bakery: Mixing, racking, raising and cooking.
  • Beacon Rapid: It does the same as the rear option, but faster.
  • Sandwich with pastries: medium sized rolls with soft crust for the best sandwiches.
  • Raisins for cooking: Contains an acoustic signal that tells you when to add raisins, etc.
  • Dough: produces a dough that can be used for pizzas, sandwiches, croissants, etc.
  • Dough Raisins: A test option that contains an acoustic signal for adding raisins.

Sound signals

A signal, consisting of eight beeps, sounds when the baking process has been completed or when the dough has been prepared. Eight beeps also sound when baking raisins and dough options to remind you to add raisins or nuts. There will be a break of about 3 minutes so that you can add raisins before continuing to stretch. If you add raisins or nuts with other ingredients at the beginning, they will be crushed during the first kneading cycle.


The measuring spoon can be used to add sugar or salt. The measuring cup is intended for measuring liquids, not dry bread flour. Weighing ingredients with a kitchen scale is more accurate than measuring the volume.

The SD-YD250 is equipped with a 2.5 lb. bread pan.

The SD-YD250 is equipped with a 2.5 lb. bread pan.

Does it have a gluten-free system?

The Panasonic SD-YD250 menu does not have a gluten-free cycle. No bakery premises are suitable for the production of gluten-free bread. In addition, the instructions for use do not contain any recipes for gluten-free bread. Not recommended for gluten-free cooking.

We recommend Cuisinart CBK-110 (read our magazine) for gluten-free bakery products.

Why does he rest before kneading?

During the resting period, the pan with the bread and its contents can be heated to the desired temperature. This is an important step if you keep flour and yeast in your fridge or freezer. After a break, the baking machine continues mixing and kneading the ingredients. The room temperature depends on the duration of this rest period.

The main baking and pastry options have a rest time of approximately 30 to 60 minutes, with the exception of the main quick baking, which do not have a rest time. Whole wheat baking varieties can stand for 60 to 90 minutes, but the fast baking of whole wheat only stops for 15 minutes. You have to look at French cooking and French pastry: it can rest between 40 minutes and 2 hours!

Can you remove the kneading bucket?

No, you’d better leave him alone and let him bake in a loaf of bread. There is no beep to remove the agitator or use the pause button. Sometimes the paddle stays on the wave when you take the finished bread out of the pan, and sometimes it gets stuck in the bread. The paddle doesn’t leave such a big hole, just take it this way.

If you really don’t like the opening of a normal kneading sheet on the underside of a loaf, you should consider buying a bread mixer with a foldable sheet.

SD-YD250 : Benefits

  • It’s easy to clean.
  • With the dough option the dough is mixed and kneaded, so you don’t have to do that.
  • The design is good, the bread pan is thick, the kneading shovel is thin.
  • The automatic yeast dispenser keeps the yeast dry with a timer until you need it.

SD-YD250 : Impairment losses

  • The timer cannot be used with the test options.
  • No specific settings or recipes for gluten-free bread.
  • The lid doesn’t have a viewing window, so you can’t see what’s going on inside while cooking.
  • The bread pan produces high loaves, which can be too big for normal sandwiches.
  • The bread programs cannot be adapted to your own preferences.
  • Rest periods can be excessively long, especially with wholemeal and French cuisine.

The automatic yeast dispenser is an essential feature of the SD-YD250.

The automatic yeast dispenser is an essential feature of the SD-YD250.


This Panasonic cooker seems to work well. It gets good grades from the owners and is not too expensive. The automatic yeast dispenser is its unique feature and works well when a timer is used to delay cooking.

The biggest inconvenience is the long rest periods to warm up the ingredients. It may indicate that the cooker is defective if it does not start heating immediately after the start button is pressed. Rest time must also be taken into account if the bread is to be ready at any given time. The remaining periods in the manual are not accurate, the registrations are only estimates.

The pan is thicker, giving the crust a smoother colour. It can bake a 2.5 pound loaf of bread if you have a large family to feed. The Panasonic SD-YD250 bakery is large, 14 inch high and 13 inch wide, but it makes good bread (see online retailers on



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