TR2500BC Ultimate Plus Review by Breadman

Stainless steel exterior. Convection fan. Fruit and nut dispenser. Program for gluten-free cooking. That sounds good, but how far does it go? Here’s our report on Breadman Bakery TR2500BC.

TR2500BC: Key features

  • Check for a 10-minute break.
  • Timer with a 24-hour delay.
  • The size of the bread: 1, 1.5 and 2 pounds.
  • Vending machine for fruit and nuts.
  • Rind control: light, medium, dark.
  • Stainless steel window and exterior.
  • A convection fan circulates hot air through the baking chamber.
  • Bread programs : White bread, wholemeal, French, sweet, low carbohydrate, gluten-free, battery-powered.
  • Other programs : Jam, dough, pizza, just baked goods.

Breadman TR2500BC is one of the few bread bakers that has a convection fan.

Breadman TR2500BC is one of the few bread bakers that has a convection fan.

Instructions for use

The operating and maintenance manual supplied with the Breadman TR2500BC contains enough information and recipes to get you started. Read this before you start baking. Don’t just plug it in and start adding things. Study the manual beforehand to understand how the bakery works and which recipes and settings work best for you. Use the recommended measures when performing the recipe. A good kitchen scale is absolutely necessary to weigh the ingredients properly.

Bakery frying pan

The mould is made of aluminium and has a non-stick coating. If there is unmixed flour in the pan, use a plastic or nylon spatula to scrape off the sides, as the non-stick coating can easily be scratched. The mixed ingredients are due to the fact that the leaf is slightly rectangular, but there is only one kneading blade, which means that the corners are not covered by a circular movement of the blade.

In addition, do not immerse the pan in water when washing. This can lead to premature corrosion of the bearings because the seal is not sealed. The problem is the type of metal used: it doesn’t rust. Wipe it off without soaking it.

Addition of ingredients

First pour the liquid into the bread pan, then the dry ingredients with the yeast on top. In this way the kneading blade gradually mixes the dry ingredients in the liquid instead of mixing the liquid with the dry flour. This can help to prevent excessive engine load and bad vibrations. You probably don’t want the engine to come loose or off the shelf. This is a bakery, not a cement factory.

Gluten-free installation

The Breadman TR2500BC has an setting for gluten-free rolls.

The Breadman TR2500BC has an setting for gluten-free rolls.

The gluten-free menu setting works well in combination with the various gluten-free mixes available. It makes soft bread that doesn’t look like the gluten-free, dry, hard-frozen bread you sometimes buy in a shop. You can also save money by baking gluten-free bread yourself, because gluten-free bread is more expensive than regular bread.

Tips and crumbs

Do not forget to leave the lid of the bread baking machine open when cooking the residual oil from the factory, otherwise the inside of the machine can become dangerously hot because it is empty and not filled with bread dough.

If you want to make your own pizza, you can use the Breadman pizza dough machine. For kneading other types of bread dough use the normal kneading machine.

If you don’t want the dough spoon to get stuck in the bottom of the bread, you can take it out of the pan before the baking cycle starts. You can use the pause button to have enough time to remove the dough ball, remove the wing and bake the dough again.


  • Many features at an affordable price.
  • It is quite easy to use and quick to clean.
  • The convection fan is the best way to bake bread with a crispy crust.
  • This baker has settings to make a delicious gluten-free bread.
  • The stainless steel exterior looks good and fits well on the counter top.
  • If you have a problem with the test kneading, you can use the test kneading program on this machine.

Impairment losses

  • The digital screen is not illuminated and can sometimes be difficult to read.
  • In the bakery it can sometimes be noisy when the dough is stirred or when extra products are distributed.
  • There is no beep to remind you to remove the kneading knife.
  • The high shape of the pot makes bread and slices of bread that probably won’t fit in most toasters.
  • It can be difficult to find a replacement bread pan, if it breaks, you’re stuck with a stainless steel elephant.

The TR2500BC is equipped with a fruit and nut dispenser.

The TR2500BC is equipped with a fruit and nut dispenser.

Conclusion: Okay, but not so good.

The general impression is that it is good bread, but the quality of the assembly and customer service is warm. It can take a few years before something breaks, unless you have the bad luck to find a baker who has factory wines. It’s not a bad baking machine or the best baker. It’s a good cooker, but it’s not the best.

You can do additional research yourself by reading the questions, answers and reviews about the Breadman TR2500BC in the online store.



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